Khamis, 30 Oktober 2008

Who wanna join horse riding on weekend?

I just finished chit-chatting with a friend, she told me that UPM providing the students with a lot of facilities. Horse riding lessons, golf, swimming pool, scuba diving (even she told me that we can take scuba licence). It isn't totally free but we paid less than other place.

For horse riding lesson, the rate for students is RM100 for 10 lessons (correct me if i'm wrong.). UPM Alumni can also learn horse riding by paying RM 200 for 10 lessons. the cheapest that i ever heard. The lessons will be conducted on saturday and sunday. And some people said that our ex-PM also ride at upm.

For golf, we have to join the Uniputra Golfer Club by paying RM10 (for undergrad) RM 50 (for postgrad) per semester. If not the member of club, we have to pay another rate as same as outsider. (expensive ok!). My brother plays golf, think that I wanna try play golf someday.

For swimming and scuba, anyone have the information? I also want to learn to scuba diving. Jealous with kuku when he dived at langkawi last time. Rite dudu? Rite Ruru?

p/s: dudu, lets learn to ride horse. Invite kuku too. Anywho wanna join? come on!

This for dudu to ride.

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dd dudu berkata...

cessss luluu sempatt koo waaat lawak di hujung2 entryy ni cesssss puk puk

uh linaaa, aku nak copy entry ko ni nak emel ke kuku hehehee

lina berkata...

heh heh heh

silalah copy entry ni utk kuku yg x leh view blogspot