Rabu, 30 Julai 2008

my editing result

tell me your opinion about my editing works? which one do you like? The pictures was taken using canon PowerShot A430 with 4.0 Mega Pixels only.

how's my editing?

Sabtu, 26 Julai 2008

meeting rani at BTS

Nice meeting you rani.. yesterday, we met and chatted about beading stuff. Lots of things i wanna do right now. Do some beading, upgrade my beading skills from books, magz and articles from internet and plan how to market my homemade beading accessories. I bought a new beading book from beading.com. Great! the book give me inspirations of beading new patterns. Late last night, i've tried one design of bracelet.

Jumaat, 25 Julai 2008

love beading....

Yesterday, besides of buying donuts at midvalley, I went to mph to explore new inspiration of beading. Lots of books I found. Wanna buy but i'm totally broke. Just enough for food. My beading business is fine but I got rest from beading for 3 months so no money in. If anyone have beading books to sell off with 2nd hand prices, tell me. We can negotiate the price and may be I'll think of buying the books. I intend to find business partners. Anybody who's interested to make money for raya, call me so we can discuss the great plan to make money.

this book good to improve beading techniques

really wanna buy this book..

Rabu, 23 Julai 2008

j.co vs big apple

i just ate big apple donuts that i bought at midvalley.. but... i still like j.co donuts. i think something isn't enough about the taste of big apple donuts compare to j.co.



Selasa, 22 Julai 2008

broken apart

last night, when i went out to have dinner with pda, lini and my bf at kajang, my specs were broken apart. huhu need a new specs but no money buy it. from now on till i get the new specs, i have to wear contact lenses. today i have a new mission but i have to save it as secret until the time to tell u all.

Isnin, 21 Julai 2008

emergency at hkl

last night, i've been warded for several hours at emergency hkl.. huhu i cramped all over the body and thankful that i've a very caring and helpful bf that waited for me until i've done with all the treatments. huhu again because they(the M.A) tried to find my 'arteries' many2 time to take some blood to see my O2 whether it is enough or not. my two hands still ache until now.i've also been dripped two bottles of sodium chloride. the doctor told me that i've not enough salt in my body. she asked me to take more salt. haha so funny because we always told to take less salt rite? ok i need some rest and wanna find some salty food for lunch.

Sabtu, 19 Julai 2008

Promosi Hari Raya

Rabu, 16 Julai 2008

not connected to broadband but i'm online :-)

I'm now at my room at college. Actually I just wanna try to search any wireless available. guess what, there is now available wireless with no payment wanted served by upm. after 31st July 2008 onwards, I think I have to register with college office. About the payment, I do not get any info yet. haha... no need to pay for broadband anymore. The service as fast as maxis broadband's service. Thank you upm for this free service. Hope that it will long lasting. As i get this opportunity, i wanna upload some pics during my holiday during conference days in Langkawi last month.
underwater world langkawi

p/s:wait for another pics in this post..............wanna watch gossip girl

updated photos

@ cenang beach

@ beras basah island

with eagles at langkawi cable car

feeding deers

couldn't stand near..'gayat'..