Isnin, 13 Oktober 2008

open houses

dear readers...

last 2 days, i went out for open houses. whew! from saturday till sunday. eat eat and eat. but i've bear into mind not to 'overdose' of eating. not because of keeping figure but i had experienced a bad day of gastric after eating a lot. i vomited without stopping until my stomach was empty and i got gastric. OMG! what a bad raya. Then, the next day of raya, i couldn't eat any raya food.

ok stop about my bad raya day, i want to story about the open houses that filled my weekend. But, i feel lazy to word it out so i attach pictures..


Assalamualaikum... we come to raya

i love this pic

3 ulasan:

rosealley berkata...

aku tau nape ko suka, ko suka sebab ko nampak K...S dalam gamba 2 kaan???haha

dd dudu berkata...

haa ahhhh betooolll laaa tuh ;p hak hak hak

lina berkata...

a'ah.. beauty lies in the eyes of the the beholders <-- tul ke ni?