Rabu, 22 Oktober 2008

I am hot today!

Last week, I told my students that I'll do test today. I hope that they will ready for the test.

So, during class today, I disributed the test papers to all and let they did the test peacefully. Lots of expression came from them. Soury, Smile, etc. ( erm.. I thaught that I prepared not so difficult questions. Everything is in the notes that I gave during class.)

~ sorry, the visual is not ok~

After a while, a student went outside the class and answering phone. How dare you!. I just let him with a smile.

But, minutes later, I went to him and asked who's he talking to. He said that his brother called him. (###Please student, no calls are allowed in test###)

An hour later, test ended. All students came for test, except one student went to visit ENT specialist and one is MIA. What? MIA? How dare you! I told you already last week.

We had break for 30 minutes before continuing class (This class is 4 hours straight).

Then, I called the MIA student. Dammit! She told me that she done assignment until 5 a.m. So what? I really hot and angry. I scolded her in phone and gave her 5 minutes to come and do the test. I waited and 5 minutes passed. Really hot ok!

Then, she came with wet hair. I still a good lecturer eventough I babbling around. I let her did the test. But, after this, I will not consider anymore.

3 ulasan:

dd dudu berkata...

uh how dare youu~~

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Teringat zaman uni dulu, my lec lagi best, bukan ponteng test, ponteng kelas pun, she call budak tu AND pasang speaker fon so that satu kelas leh dengar. Yang lawak tu leh dengar suara pingat pingat org bangun tido, kantoi tak pi kelas.

Tapi agak scary lah coz the lec tu assistant dean so memang bebudak agak cuak la.

Anyway, keep up the good work. Segarang2 u pun i tau u sebenarnye penyabar. Student u tu agak sengallah buat perangai cam skolah menegah. My time dulu lec biarkan je, tapi time exam bar trus, takde maaf. =)

lina berkata...

tuh la.. i ni sabar lagi x pasang loud speaker.

tapi diorg mmg mcm tuh. dh x leh nk tolong dh.

shai bz exam ey?

good luck eh.