Isnin, 13 Oktober 2008

m.c again

Today, i went to pusat kesihatan UPM (we always call it 'pk') to settle down my ached left eye and cheek bone. After having 'rhinitis' for past few weeks, my eye aches like hell. I feel like it has been squezed. Before it getting worst, I went to see doctor. The doctor give me pain killers and antibiotics. I have been suspected to have 'sinusitis'.

I got m.c today but I still thinking of my work and 'lepaking' at postgrad lab until 9pm. erm.. during 'lepaking' i got ideas for my research. and this thursday, i will be presenting the progress to dr R and the rest. Hope that they will ok with these ideas and feel not to change the ideas into complex ideas. Hope so.. wish for my luck. I wanna complete my master a.s.a.p... huhu..

p/s: Tq dd dudu for sending me to pk.

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dd dudu berkata...

tadi kann tgh berjalan ngan lina lepas tuh ade org watson yg tgh wat promotion bersame mic nyee berkate "cantek sunglasses" (satu dkap tuh bole dengar hokayy ;p)

hahahaha lina pakai spek mate itam nye hari ni di upm sbb sakit mate kikiki

lina berkata...

kalo foreigner pki sunglasses xde yg perasan pun.

nmpknye mmg cantek spek itam aku tuh..

w a w a berkata...

dr R?? (bkn nama sbnr ehh??)
kuikui..klu2 please~