Khamis, 23 Oktober 2008

I have a dream

place: my room
event: currently watch project runway at 8tv ( love it!) finale episode

While waiting for the show continue after ads, i like to tell all of you about my dream. Eventhough i've computer science background. I love fashion too. Since small i like to dress up fashionable garmet.

I still remember when i age of 8, my family and i went to 'Istana Hinggap'. That time, the HRH Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Pahang making open house. So, I wore a maroon kurung with beaded flower. (My mom made it) . Really bling2 ok! Everyone pay compliment to me. (*grin * grin) Still remember one uncle said to me when i shaked hand with HRH Crown Prince" Cantiknye baju! Siapa buat? (nice dress! who's make it?)". Thank for your compliment uncle.

My mom already know that I love fashion. When we out for finding dress for me, she let me to choose on my own. She won't argue anything that i wore. But, if i want to see my grandparent, she told me to wear a proper one. hehe.. you know la the old folks.

When i did beaded accessories business, she promoted to all her friends. So also when i beaded my kurung. Every friends of her know that i bead my kurung. ( Sadly the kurung still under maintenance. No time meh!) ok! see my beadwork

I learnt this from a tv show. Busana at tv9 i think.

I've thinking that one day i'll open my own boutique. A boutique that will sell fashionable and trendy clothes and accessories. This is my dream.

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