Isnin, 20 Oktober 2008

because i'm your lecturer

I gave lecture today at I***T (not revealing the real name). 2 classes for today. 1st class only a student came. Where the others? I just let they play truant. Erm.. actually, I'm tired of calling them to attend class. Please students, don't make your lecturer waiting in class. You are the one should be waiting for your lecturer, ok.

The second class was ok, they always came to my class. Without denying, I like this class ok. I taught about Excel 2003. Very bored to have a pratical lecture in class instead of lab. After about an hour, came 2 late students. These students always late. They came and made noise. They sat on the floor and tried to take my attention. But, I advise you here (if you read my blog) for not doing these again in my class.If not, I'll drag you into dean's office.

I'm serious ok!

Hehe.. As a reply for what you have done to me in class, I put your pic here to watch by all my blog reader( padan muka!).

But, no heart taking ok, because i'm your lecturer.

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dd dudu berkata...

linaaa dasatnyeee
lastik kangg
nape cam ade budak duk bawah?

lina berkata...

tuh la pasal.. ngade2 budak dua org tuh