Rabu, 24 September 2008

happy happy happy

yes! finally i bought the clutch bag for raya. haha lalala happy happy happy.. the clutch can be also a sling bag. i took time to choose the color and at last, i choose pink eventhough my kurung for raya is pink so do my tudung.. too pinky but i like the pink clutch coz it look trendy for me. i also bought a body glove red bag for bringing my laptop everywhere.



red Body Glove

Khamis, 18 September 2008

things that make me stress

1) my laptop need a new hard disk. The hard disk was corrupted. i lost several works in it.
2) a bundle of work from my part time job make me feel that i have no life.
3) i got presentation today about my research and i do not know what to present because i have left it behind for weeks. the presentation will be heard by all lecturers in IS department ( the dean also in my department). So, i have to do the best.
4) i am broke. eventhough i do part time job, but it seems to be difficult to claim back what i work for.

huhu should i cry or what? every problems that i listed above are deadlocking each other.

Khamis, 4 September 2008

there was something happened with my laptop

Yesterday, after having 'sahur' i wanna to surf the internet so i attached my laptop to my broadband. Then my dear lappy updated the avast. huhu suddenly the siren made a loudly sound. Avast detected viruses without stopping so i unplugged the broadband and turn off lappy. After a while i try to on lappy but i couldn't get into the interface of windows. i tried, tried and tried but to no avail, i still couldn't get into. what happened to my lappy?? can u all tell me what happened to lappy?

p/s: curently using a computer at post grad's room.