Ahad, 27 April 2008

Great Promotion at Lina's Accessories House

hi all...

MEI promotion at Lina's Accessories House

Lina's Accessories House do a great promotion for May especially for the Mother's day. The packaging is different from what have I have done before. The bracelet will be packaging in a Songket pouch bag(photo). Limited to first 50 order only. This promotion is not included for natural stones bracelet. For further information, please visit http://linaaccessorieshouse.blogspot.com. Do bring your relatives and friends together to have the great deal of the year from Lina's Accessories House.

Khamis, 24 April 2008

i just passed the exam..

Yesterday(22/04/2008)I received a call from my mum that I just passed the examination to enter the government's Admin n Diplomatic Officer and I need to attend their assessment for 3 days in INTAN before being qualify for the Interview . I've a mixed feeling about these. Happy, surprised, scared and excited. I will try my best and I hope that all the readers will wish for my luck.

Ahad, 20 April 2008

currently read my fav magz


It's been a while since my last post. Quite busy finishing the semester. Attended final exam and producing progress report for my research. Guess what, I've been so excited and happy since wednesday because my paper have been accepted for Knowledge Management International Conference (KMICE). The more happier is the paper have been accepted without any modification. This is my 2nd time of writting paper. The 1st one is for Malaysian Software Engineering Conference 2007 (MySEC07) but it had been fully rejected by the referees. From that on, I make sure that i don't do the same mistakes again. After sending the progress report to GSO, I wanna take a long break and do my accessories biz with full of my heart before the next coming semester start. I currently reading my fav magazine that give me a lot of inspiration in youngster fashion. hehe...

Isnin, 14 April 2008

crystalina have been shifted to lina's accessories house

hello everyone..

i wanna make one announcement, my accessories biz got a new blog. Feel free to visit Lina's Accessories House at instead of crystalina.fotopages.com. Why i'm shifted? Fotopages isn't user friendly. Hard to see all the products in a single page. So i choose blogspot to display the products that i sell. I hope that you all can comment anything so i can keep improving the blog.