Sabtu, 23 Ogos 2008

price to attend public service entry exam

i just come back from attending examination for 15 posts grade 41. huhu.. The questions more tougher than before. At least, i've tried. do you know that i spend a lot for transportation to attend this exam. Early morning, I waited for cab in front of KMR. From 730am till 8am i have waiting but i couldn't see any. then, i got stomachache and i thought to give up waiting and planning to return back to my room. After that, came by a taxi. I negotiated with the taxi driver to lower down the fare from rm30 to rm28. he agreed and i took that taxi. On the way back, i took bus from cyberjaya to putrajaya sentral(ticket priced RM1 that can be used for several time) but it was raining.i feel uneasy to wait for buses and change buses so i planned to take cab from putrajaya to upm. the fare is fixed to RM21. so conclusion for today is the price for attending public service entry examination is RM50. I have sacrified my money for a better future but i regretted for not doing well in the examination.

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