Sabtu, 16 Ogos 2008

books based from true story?

Yesterday, I've time to accompany lini to alamanda. We met nuna there. We began to step in mph bookstore. Lots of interesting books there eventhough the book store isn't as large as mph in midvalley. Some of the books that caught my attention were the gregory's the other boleyn girl and virgin lover. I've watch the movies of these two books. The story is great. It based on the true story of Queen Elizabeth (virgin lover) and The other Boleyn Girl (mother of queen elizabeth). I don't know whether the story is 100% true because I haven't learn the England's history before. For the movies, I love to see their costumes, very fashionable and so gorgeous! I wanna save some money to buy the books which cost rm30++ each. Who have read the books, may u share with me your opinion about these books?

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