Rabu, 16 Julai 2008

not connected to broadband but i'm online :-)

I'm now at my room at college. Actually I just wanna try to search any wireless available. guess what, there is now available wireless with no payment wanted served by upm. after 31st July 2008 onwards, I think I have to register with college office. About the payment, I do not get any info yet. haha... no need to pay for broadband anymore. The service as fast as maxis broadband's service. Thank you upm for this free service. Hope that it will long lasting. As i get this opportunity, i wanna upload some pics during my holiday during conference days in Langkawi last month.
underwater world langkawi

p/s:wait for another pics in this post..............wanna watch gossip girl

updated photos

@ cenang beach

@ beras basah island

with eagles at langkawi cable car

feeding deers

couldn't stand near..'gayat'..

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