Rabu, 25 Jun 2008

surf at starbucks...

hi all..

actually i wanna surf at kfc n dine in there but sadly, when i ordered the food, the restaurant's crew said that the service only available from 2-6 pm. but, i couldn't cancel my order so i ate up quickly and after finishing my meal, i went to starbucks, another place that i can surf while dining in. Just now an african woman approached me.The woman look so suspicious. A'kakak' who sat another table beside me have been approached by a group of african man. Actually i do not whether they are really african or not. I really scared here. ok.. take it easy. if they do something to me, I will shout loudly. mmm... my mood to jot something about my conference days in Langkawi have been interupted so i'll tell uols in the next post. wait hah!

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